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A New Matrix Game Must Have These Things

The Matrix Resurrections movie released to theaters and HBO Max subscribers on December 22nd, and it had a few things to say about the video game industry in its meta-analysis of how creatives are treated in ruthlessly capitalistic industries such as video games and movies. But between this movie, Keanu Reeves aka Neo’s apparent dumbfoundedness at the lack of a new Matrix video game, and the recent tech demo of The Matrix Awakens, we got to thinking: what things should a new game in this universe have in it? Read on to see what things a new Matrix video game should have. WARNING: Spoilers for The Matrix Resurrections are ahead in this article, however, they have been blacked out and can be hovered over or tapped to be read.

What’s on your list of features you’d require in a new Matrix game, were one to actually be produced? Anything obvious we completely missed? Should Bullet Time be ironically removed from a new Matrix game? Let us know in the comments below, before the next SYSTEM FAILURE.